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hi im in the studio for the next 3 months rerecording our 1990s;e.p . in mid sept,bladeco music will release the following tracks; falling in love/-the tale of the gypsy rocker/-posses me/written by the late r.simon; / dean;s took 10 years to finish but being a side man for many acts im finally takeing the time to do it my way........also im adding the tracks that we did at penny lane studiuos with vinnie keys and tony raber,and the animal [peter lobue]......included is the new phone number for the studio 727-641-5154 i will keep this site updated at least once a month......

I recently attented an etchings workshop and plan on doing a few logosand pieces from etchings.

the gypsy rockers are currently writing new material for there upcoming c.d.ill be using 4-8-12 string basses for the will be recorded at key studios in andproduced by r.simon and vinnie keys himself.and some very specialguest players from new jersey/ / will be on sale through bladeco music along with final step bands new releaseout in late oct..

Check out my photo pages for examples of my recent work.

this site is dedicated to my father richie starr-aka r.simon. rick blades credits on bass guitar and vocals are/1982-1983 wizard.fords new jersey.with john rykoski./1984-killer krew/1985-1987[chelsea/top 40] 1988-89/-c.b.s.recording artists twisted knights./1990-1992[the rockaholics with dave ripps now of the band metalwanna.../1993-94 r.m.recording artists wenlock/..1994-95 last train out/1995-98/-avalanche/with ron gioia solid ground recording artist./1995-97[ featuring rick kordos]on vocals /producer./1998/air raid-art casttelanno./dave ripps/luke cory/rich simon./rick blades -producing....1998-2003.thunderfingers[john entwhistle show]-the gypsy rockers.[orig.classic rock band .-talas tribute band./////.... album titles include[MR.ALONE] ROCKN DOWN SOUTH. -DEANS DREAM...[POSSES ME] 2004 NEWEST RELEASE.........THE TALE OF THE GYPSY ROCKER......